რეგულარული ფასი
245.00 ₾
გასაყიდი ფასი
245.00 ₾
რეგულარული ფასი
ერთეულის ფასი
გადასახადი შედის.
დარჩენილია 94 ცალი!
შეკვეთის გაფორმება
  • არტიკული: 1.633-642.0
  • მარაგშია: 94
  • წონა: 0.6 kg
  • პროდუქტის ტიპი: Window Vacuum
  • ბრენდი: Kärcher Georgia


რეგულარული ფასი
245.00 ₾
გასაყიდი ფასი
245.00 ₾
რეგულარული ფასი
ერთეულის ფასი

The Kärcher glass cleaner is not only a window cleaning device, but also a great help in cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces. For example, if you want to polish the tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, the Kärcher glass cleaner will help you solve this task effectively and comfortably. This equipment is equipped with modern details and mechanisms that will allow you to optimally, comfortably and save time and effort to clean any glass, mirror or smooth surfaces.

The device can work for quite a long time after a single charge of the battery. The device is quite light, which allows it to be used comfortably and easily moved; Compared to other devices, the glass cleaner has a very low noise level. The device is protected from the ingress of contaminated liquid into the system. Thanks to this, such a glass cleaner ensures cleaning in compliance with all hygiene rules. When using this device, you can be sure that there will be no stains or streaks.

Additionally, this model has a 40% longer battery life (up to 35 minutes) than the regular WV2.

Features and benefits

Easy to empty The dirty water tank can be emptied very easily and quickly when needed.
Interchangeable suction cup Choose a large or small suction cup depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned.
The LED display will never cost you a battery during operation: the LED display, which is integrated into the on/off button, shows you when to charge the device.
The small weight of the light and quiet device and the pleasantly low noise make window cleaning even more comfortable.
Original Original quality from Kärcher, as the inventor of the glass vacuum cleaner.
3x Faster Unlike conventional, household methods, window cleaning with WV2 is a 3x faster process!
No extra drips or streaks With an electric vacuum cleaner, you can say goodbye to residual water droplets and extra streaks. Achieving cleanliness to perfection!
Emptying the completely hygienic water tank is a clean process - you don't have to touch dirty liquid.
Different jobs The glass vacuum cleaner can be used on different types of coverings, such as tiles, mirrors, cabins.
Special version with 40% longer battery life


Technical data

Weight 0.6 kg
Sizes 12 × 28 × 32 cm
Working width of suction nozzles (mm)

280 + 170

Waste water tank capacity (ml)


Battery run time (min)


Battery charging time (min)


Battery type

Lithium-ion battery

Cleaning performance per battery charge

Approx. 105 m² = 35 windows

Voltage Frequency (V/Hz)

220-240 / 50-60


Battery charger

Spray bottle with microfiber cleaning cloth

Glass cleaning special liquid (1 x 20 ml)

Replaceable absorbent pad