Payment systems

Our online platform is distinguished by the variety and flexibility of payment terms. You can purchase the product in various ways, such as:

Payment on the spot by card.

  • If you choose this payment method, you will be able to pay with a plastic card when the product is delivered to our courier. (Courier cannot accept cash, so be sure to have enough money on a plastic card)

Online card payment.

Payment systems
  • If you choose to pay by online card, you will be able to pay the cost of the product online using any Visa/MasterCard card on the TBC Bank online platform.

TB Installment.

Payment systems
  • TBC Installment is a direct connection to TBC Bank, if you select it, you will be redirected to the online installment form page. After filling, you will know about the status of your desired installment without leaving your home. If approved, the order will be placed and the item will be delivered to the specified address.