About Karcher

About the brand and representation:

The Karcher company was founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher, who first produced air heating systems for aircraft engines. And later (in 1950) based on the requirements of the industry, it started to create high-pressure washing and steam machines and gradually concentrated only on the production of cleaning equipment.

At present, the company produces only cleaning equipment. It is headed by Alfred Kerkher's son and CEO Harmut Yener.

The company sells its products in more than 150 countries, including Georgia, which has been operating since 2016.

Currently, the representative office of Georgia (Kerkher-Georgia) has 3 branches: the main branch in Tbilisi is in Dighom, A. Beliashvili #167, also at Saburtalo: Vazha-Pshavela #4 and Luka Asatiani #51 in Batumi. In Kutaisi: Shota Rustaveli N96.


The range of products includes general cleaning equipment, and the brand works on new products every year, which are designed to solve various cleaning problems.

Until the 80s, the color of Kärcher appliances was only yellow, and later the professional and household lines were separated by colors, and the professional appliances became the series (anthracite), and white appliances were added to the household products, which today is referred to as the premium line.

In the assortment of products, both in the professional line and in the household direction, you will find devices of similar purpose.