WD 3 S

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WD 3 S

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The multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD3 S is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners among other family vacuum cleaners from Kärcher, which is the best for both wet and dry dirt.


  • Picking up wet waste (eg: drying up small puddles, picking up water and liquid food, water bottle debris from the surface, emptying the aquarium, etc.)
  • Dry pollution collection (eg: domestic use, both inside and outside the house)
  • Pick-up of large, heavy contamination (eg: pick-up of post-renovation waste in particular)
  • Back blowing (eg: breaking up dirt stuck to the surface, removing dust from narrow grooves, scattering leaves, etc.)

Along with these features, the WD3 S wet and dry vacuum cleaner is energy efficient, meaning it consumes less energy (1kWh). It holds up to 17 liters of dust when full and has a cartridge filter that doesn't need to be changed to pick up the next wet residue.

Area of ​​use:

  • Indoor and outdoor area of ​​the house
  • Garage/workshop
  • car

Features and benefits

Special cartridge filter

The filter must be permanently attached when picking up both wet and dry contamination.

Practical cord and accessory storage
Compact, easy-to-use and reliable suction pipe, power cord and accessory storage.
Practical accessory holder

Accessories can be attached quickly and easily when the job is done.

Practical inflating function Where it is not possible to vacuum, you can use the inflating function.
Trouble-free cleaning, for example, in a place with stones, pebbles.
Fleece bag, 3-layer, high quality
Compact design for flexible and versatile use.
Compact storage.
"Pull & Push" locking system for ease, speed and reliability of container opening and closing.
Conveniently shaped handle device is easy and convenient to carry


Technical data

Weight 7 kg
Sizes 35.3 × 32.8 × 49.3 cm
Power consumption (W)


Container volume (l)


Container material

stainless steel

Standard accessory ID (mm)



Suction hose, 2 m, 35 mm

Removable handle

Suction pipe, 2 pieces, 0.5 m, 35 mm

Wet and dry floor shoes, fasteners

A slouchy shoe

Fleece filter bag, 1 piece

Standard cartridge filter

Rotary switch (on/off)

Inflating function

Pipe storage on top of the machine

Storage for additional accessories on top of the device

Small parts storage

Roller, 4 pieces