VC 2 Premium (WHITE) *EU-I

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VC 2 Premium (WHITE) *EU-I

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If you want to restore your things to their original look and feel WOW from the result, the vacuum cleaner VC2 is just for you!

A small and compact vacuum cleaner with strong suction and a disposable bag will simplify the process of cleaning your house the most. It perfectly cleans hard floors and carpets, and its special brush and furniture brush will allow you to easily handle even hard-to-reach narrow corners or delicate surfaces.

Another main advantage of the VC 2 vacuum cleaner is its high-quality HEPA filter, which does not allow bacteria and dust to be pushed back and filters almost 99% of the air coming out of the machine body. It is because of this HEPA filter that the VC2 vacuum cleaner is effective for people with allergies and those who have small children or pets at home.

The device has its own accessory storage built into the body and a power control button.

The device has been awarded the European high-quality standard, which emphasizes its low power consumption and low noise during operation.

Unlike its yellow counterpart, the VC2 Premium (white) comes with an extra large natural bristle brush for delicate cleaning of surfaces.


Features and benefits

Easy-to-use filter bag system

Easy to throw away. No contact with dust.

Storage of accessories

Accessories can be conveniently stored and sorted in the device. Thus, they will always be close to you.

Removable floor cleaning shoe

A way to attach additional accessories to perfectly clean any area of ​​the house.

Installation position Easy and safe installation when stopping work.

The HEPA hygienic filter reliably filters out contamination such as dust or other allergy-causing particles. The separated air is clean - perfect for a healthy living environment.


Technical data


8.4 kg


43.5 × 28.8 × 24.9 cm

Input Power / Ampere (W)


Operating radius (m)


Filter bag volume (L)


Sound level (dB (A))


Suction hose (m/)

1.5 / with curved handle

Voltage Frequency (V/Hz)

220-240 / 50-60


Suction pipe, 1.5 m

Telescopic suction pipe

Changeable dry floor covering

HEPA 12 filter (EN 1822:1998)

Practical installation position

Automatic wire winding

floor covering

Telescopic shoe

A soft dusting brush

Suction pipe accessories