SP 22.000 DIRT

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SP 22.000 DIRT

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Model SP 7 Dirt is the most powerful pumping device among Kärcher drainage pumps. With a capacity of 15,500 l/h, the machine can dry pits, basements and pits (100 sq. m) where the size of pollution particles does not exceed 30 mm. An additional filter is required to capture larger pollution particles. The device has an automatic shut-off, which protects the device from running without water. It also has a Quick Connect pipe connection system.

Features and benefits

Ceramic coating

For the longest possible working resource.


Floatie switch

Floatie turns the pump on and off depending on the water level, thus eliminating the need for the device to work without water.

Quick Connect system

For quick and easy connection of 1/4" pipes.

Reliable water pumping for created dirty water , including dust particles up to 20mm.

Ability to attach a tie-down switch to enable permanent operation.

The comfortable carrying handle is comfortable to carry and can also be used as a cord holder.

Adding a pre-filter as an accessory can easily and firmly protect the pump from heavy contamination and its impeller from clogging.


Technical data

Weight 7.7 kg
Sizes 23 × 28.5 × 35.4 cm
Maxim. Vehicle Mark (W)


Maxim. Flow rate (l/h)


Delivery head (m)


Maxim. pressure (bar)


Maxim. Immersion depth (m)


Maxim. Grain size (mm)


Residual water height (mm)


Supply temperature, max. (°C)


Connection thread

G1 1/2

Power cable (/m)

H05RN-F / 10


Comfortable carrying handle

Pipe fitting, 1 1/4", 1 1/2"

Easy pipe connection with Quick Connect system

The way to attach the tape, that is, the possibility of working in the mechanical/automatic mode of the device

Flexible, height-adjustable switch

Integrated stainless steel pre-filter

In automatic mode, the device turns off automatically when the water level drops

In manual mode, the device works as far as you need