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The ergonomic Kärcher Spray lance Plus combines perfect detail and convenience. For versatile use in the garden. The Spray lance Plus is ideal for watering small and medium-sized and gardens. It is also ideal for hanging baskets. The perfect combination of elegance, first-class features and perfect ergonomic design make the Spray lance Plus from Kärcher perfect for effortless watering even for longer watering tasks. In brief: the ideal solution for numerous uses in the garden. Note: Kärcher spray nozzles and lances are compatible with all available click systems. Features: Variable spray head angle (180°), Convenient one-hand flow control (including ON/OFF function), easy storage on open hook, robust materials, and 6 spray patterns.

Features and benefits
Convenient one-finger flow control including ON/OFF function
Convenient storage on open hook

Technical data

Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions85 × 15 × 6.6 cm


Cone jet Spray mist Horizontal flat jet Point jet Sprinkler Vertical flat jet
Application areas
For watering small to medium-sized surfaces and gardens For watering large-surface kitchen gardens For watering under trees and bushes For watering cultivated plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants) For watering ornamental plants (small beds, single plants, pot plants) For cleaning garden machines and garden furniture


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