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This is how cleaning is done the smart way: thanks to the intelligent camera-laser navigation system, the RC 3 Premium creates a temporary cleaning card and systematically and autonomously cleans the home – efficiently and without forgetting a spot. Using the user-friendly app, the RoboCleaner in the home network can be conveniently operated using a smartphone or tablet and shows the current cleaning progress in the map created. The efficient dual brush system enables thorough cleaning and, thanks to the interaction of the large spiral brush and the floor brush with rubber slats, can collect a great deal of dirt and transport it into the removable dirt container. Also smart: Innovative infrared and fall sensors protect the RC 3 Premium from falling on stairs and collisions with obstacles in the room, by gently braking in front of them and effortlessly evading them. In addition to the automatic cleaning mode, the spot function cleans a selected area in a targeted and thorough manner. Whether wood, stone or short pile carpet: the RC 3 Premium can be used on all household floor coverings. This way, your home will be cleaned all by yourself while you do your favorite things.

Features and benefits
Good cleaning performance
Good cleaning performance

Efficient cleaning thanks to a systematic cleaning strategy thanks to camera laser navigation technology. Thorough dirt absorption through the interaction of 2 special brushes and additional side brush for corner and edge cleaning

Smart product with attractive functions
Smart product with attractive functions

Comfortable selection of several cleaning times thanks to the timer function via user-friendly app. Information about the cleaning progress and the position of the RoboCleaner through a temporary cleaning card

Innovative sensor system
Innovative sensor system

Infrared and fall sensors protect against falls on stairs and collisions with obstacles in the room. The RC 3 Premium recognizes obstacles preventively, brakes gently in front of them and effortlessly bypasses them

Comfortable cleaning modes• In automatic mode, a reliable cleaning of the entire living area is achieved
• During spot cleaning, the RC 3 Premium cleans a selected area in a targeted and thorough manner
Automatic charging• The RC 3 Premium automatically drives to the charging station when the battery is empty
• After successful loading, he continues his journey at the last cleaned point

Technical data

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 13 × 18.3 × 12.7 cm
Battery charging time (min)


Cleaning time per load (min)


Area performance (m²)


Dust container RoboCleaner (l)


Sound power level (dB (A))


Current type (V / Hz)


Weight charging station (kg)


Weight including packaging (kg)


RoboCleaner dimensions (D x H) (mm)

340 x 96

Application areas
Good performance on all household hard floors such as parquet, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum or PVC Good performance on low-pile carpets