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Oscillating sprinkler OS 5.320 S for watering medium-sized and large areas and gardens. Maximum sprinkler coverage 320 m2. Innovative sprinkler with flow control from zero to maximum. The sprinkler is equipped with spikes which can be detached when needed. The new oscillating sprinklers from Kärcher are now even easier to use. They feature integrated SplashGuard protection for convenient positioning and alignment without getting wet. Kärcher sprinklers feature the tried and tested click system and are easy to connect to garden hoses. Watering with Kärcher is the smart way to water!

Features and benefits
Adjustable water volume (0-max)
Max. watering area 320 m²
Splash guardConvenient alignment

Technical data

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions54.6 × 16 × 8.8 cm
prinkling area (2 bar)

60 – 190 m² (2 bar)

Sprinkling area (4 bar)

100 – 320 m² (4 bar)

Width of spray (2 bar) (m)


Width of spray (4 bar) (m)


Area coverage (2 bar) (m)

5 – 16

Area coverage (4 bar) (m)

6 – 20

Application areas
For watering medium-sized to large surfaces and gardens For watering large-surface kitchen gardens


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