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No more vacuuming before mopping! Thanks to 4-roller technology with opposite rotation, our cordless hard floor cleaner FC 7 Cordless Premium removes dry and damp everyday dirt effortlessly and quickly from all hard floors – thanks to the switchable boost function, even in very stubborn cases and always clean to the edge. Even hair is absorbed thanks to the hair filter. Up to 50 percent time savings  compared to the conventional method and a good 20 percent better cleaning results compared to a normal mop are possible. And since 500 milliliters of universal and 30 milliliters of stone cleaner and an extra stone roller set are included, nothing stands in the way of the first quick thorough cleaning of the apartment. The powerful battery manages up to 135 m² of insensitive hard floors and joints with a running time of 45 minutes. In darker corners and niches, LEDs illuminate the surface so well that no dirt remains undetected. The amount of water and the speed of rotation of the automatically moistened rollers can be set to 2 cleaning levels to match the floor, and there is no need to carry around pails thanks to separate fresh and dirty water tanks.

Features and benefits
All-in-one: Removes all types of dry and damp everyday dirt in one step
All-in-one: Removes all types of dry and damp everyday dirt in one step

50 percent time savings: 4-roller technology enables wiping without annoying vacuuming. Optimal hair absorption through integrated hair filters. Cleans right up to the edge.

Wiping is 20 percent  cleaner than with a mop and much more comfortable
Wiping is 20 percent cleaner than with a mop and much more comfortable

2-tank system: permanent moistening of the rollers from the fresh water tank, while the dirt is collected in the dirty water tank. Effortless: no lugging a bucket, no manual wringing out of the floor cloth, no scrubbing. The rollers can be washed in a washing machine at 60 ° C.

Self-standing and easy to maneuver
Self-standing and easy to maneuver

Practical for work interruptions: the device stands alone. Easy to clean under furniture and around objects. 4 counter-rotating rollers ensure smooth and effortless gliding over the ground.

Bottom head with integrated LEDsFor illumination under furniture as well as in darker niches or corners
Two different cleaning modes plus boost functionRoller rotation and amount of water can be adjusted depending on the type of dirt and soil, additional boost function for stubborn dirt
Suitable for all hard floors - including parquet, laminate, stone and ceramic tiles as well as PVC, vinyl
Thanks to the low residual moisture, floors can be walked on again after approx. 2 minutes
Approx. 45 minutes running time thanks to the strong lithium-ion batteryMaximum freedom of movement when cleaning thanks to independence from the socket - no need to change sockets
3-level LED display as an intuitive battery charge status indicator
Intelligent tank level monitoringOptical and acoustic signal when the fresh water tank is empty and the dirty water tank is full
Overflow protection: automatic shutdown if the dirty water tank is not emptied
Easy cleaning of the deviceDevice and roller cleaning function
Easy cleaning of the hair filter with the enclosed cleaning brush
Dishwasher-safe dirty water tank that can be drained without coming into contact with dirt

Technical data

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 121 cm
Current type (Ph/V/Hz)

1 / 100 – 240 / 50 – 60

Area performance per battery charge (m²)

approx. 135

Fresh water tank capacity (ml)


Dirty water tank capacity (ml)


Working width rollers (mm)


Drying time cleaned floor (min)

approx. 2

Battery life (min)

approx 45

Battery charging time (h)


Battery technology

lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion)


Adjustable roller rotation and amount of water 2-tank system 2 universal roller pairs gray 2 pairs of stone rollers Cleaning agent, floor cleaning universal RM 536, 500 ml, floor cleaning stone RM 537, 30 ml Bottom head with integrated LEDs Cleaning and parking station Charger
Product information
Operation manual
Operation manual
Operation manual
Application areas
Removes all types of dry and damp everyday dirt On all hard floors such as B. parquet, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum or PVC Perfect cleaning results along edges

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