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Save time on cleaning. With our new FC 7 floor washer at hand, you no longer need to vacuum. The floor washer collects both wet and dry dirt in one operation. The 4 microfiber rollers ensure fast and efficient cleaning – they run easily across the floor, where they dissolve and collect all types of dirt – eg dog hair / hair, spilled food and muddy footprints. The FC 7 floor cleaner cleans up to 20% better than cleaning with a mop and bucket, as it washes with clean water all the time and collects the dirty water in a separate container. The design makes it easy to wash the floor all the way to the edge and under the furniture. Water volume and rotation speed can be adjusted according to floor type (2 steps). The floor washer also has a boost function to handle dried dirt. The battery life per charge is 45 min, which is equivalent to about 135 m2 per charge.

Features and benefits
All-in-one: Removes all types of wet and dry dirt in one operation
All-in-one: Removes all types of wet and dry dirt in one operation

Save 50% time. The design with 4 rollers makes it possible to wash the floor without vacuuming first Optimal collection of hair thanks to the integrated hair filter Cleans all the way to the edge

Washes 20% cleaner than traditional mop - without the hassle
Washes 20% cleaner than traditional mop - without the hassle

2-tank system: The rollers are constantly moistened with clean water and the dirty water is collected in a separate container. No hassle: No dragging around on a heavy bucket of water, no thrall twisting of a dirty cloth and no scrubbing The rollers can be washed at 60 °C

Two settings for cleaning plus boost function
Two settings for cleaning plus boost function

The rotation speed and the amount of water can be adjusted depending on the floor type and the amount of dirt, in addition, the boost function handles more difficult dirt Can be used on all hard floor types including parquet, laminate, stone, tile, PVC and vinyl Leaves very little moisture on the floor walk on the floor again already after about 2 min

Usage time about 45 min thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery• Maximum freedom of movement during cleaning - again cord lying in the road and no need to change contact along the way
• 3-stage LED display shows the battery level
Can stand on its own and is easy to maneuver• Convenient when interrupting work: The machine can stand on its own
• Easy cleaning under furniture and around objects
• The 4 oppositely rotating rollers ensure gentle and effortless propulsion across the floor
Intelligent monitoring of the level of the tank• Visual and acoustic signal indicates when clean water tank is empty and dirty water tanks are full
• Overflow protection: Automatic stop if the dirty water containers are not emptied
Easy to clean• Cleaning function of machine and rollers
• Easy cleaning of hair filter with the included brush
• The dirty water container is emptied without contact with dirt and easily washed in the dishwasher
Parking and cleaning stand• Higher placement of the machine in the stand makes it easier to remove and dry the rollers
• Convenient storage of all accessories on the stand

Technical data

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 121 cm
Current type (Ph/V/Hz)

1 / 100 – 240 / 50 – 60

Operating time per charging (m²)


Water tank, clean water (ml)


Water tank, dirty water (ml)


Working width, rollers (mm)


Battery operating time


Battery charging time (h)



Rotation speed and water volume can be adjusted 2-tank system 2 Universal microfiber rollers, yellow Detergent, Floor Cleaner Universal, RM 536, 30 ml Cleaning and parking stands Battery charger
Product info
Instructions for use
Instructions for use
Instructions for use
Application areas
All hard floors such as parquet, laminate, cork, stone, tile, linoleum and PVC

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