Whereas Georgia has introduced legislation on the protection of personal data (Law “On the Protection of Personal Data” No. 5669-RS dated January 16, 2012) to ensure the protection of human rights and freedoms, including privacy, when processing personal data. Kärcher has implemented a data privacy policy to ensure the rights of data subjects.

The data subject is obliged to read and confirm the policy and provide written consent to the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the policy.

In accordance with the legislation of Georgia, this policy defines the policy and procedures of Kärcher LLC (hereinafter referred to as Kärcher) regarding the processing and storage of personal data of data subjects.

The latter includes information that Kärcher receives during the provision of services to you, which, in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, is subsequently also used for direct marketing purposes. The purpose of the notice is to provide you with information about the principles of our work in the processing of personal data and the mechanisms for their use.

Kärcher warrants that:

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of the data subject;
  • Ensure the security and protection of personal data of the data subject;
  • Will not use the personal data of the data subject improperly;
  • At any time, the data subject will provide full and comprehensive information about the processing of his personal data.
  1. Definitions
    1. Personal data – any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. A person is identifiable when it is possible to identify him directly or indirectly, in particular, by an identification number or a characteristic of a person by physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural, or social signs;
  • General requirements for personal data of data subjects and guarantees for their protection

According to the Law of Georgia on Personal Data Protection, the data subject has the right to request information from Kärcher regarding the processing of his data. The data subject has the right to receive the following information:

  • What type of personal data is processed about the data subject;
  • Purpose of personal data processing;
  • Legal basis for the processing of personal data;
  • How the data of the data subject was collected;
  • To whom the data of data subjects were transferred;
  • Basis and purpose of providing personal data.

The data subject has the right to request a copy of the information processed by Kärcher. In accordance with the law, the data subject has the right to demand the correction, updating, addition, blocking, deletion, or destruction of his personal data if they are incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date, or if their collection and processing were carried out against the law. Kärcher acts in accordance with the legislation of Georgia, which may prevent the immediate deletion of the personal data of the data subject. Such obligations may arise from tax laws, consumer protection laws, and/or other relevant laws.

Kärcher is obliged to provide the aforementioned information to the data subject at the request of the data subject. Kärcher has the right to use personal data only if there is a specific contractual and/or legal basis for doing so, which implies the existence of a business-related and/or commercial purpose. Kärcher’s processing of the data subject’s personal data is not intended to harm the data subject’s interests in any way.

  • Open an account

The specific user will be identified using the subject’s personal information. When a data subject participates in activities through the Kärcher website, Kärcher may request certain information from the data subject. These activities include:

  • Open an account;
  • Provide information and/or post any information on the talk page;
  • Posting a comment;
  • Request information about Karcher services

It is not necessary to engage in identification activities. However, if the data subject decides to participate in the identification activity, Kärcher may request the provision of certain personal information about the data subject, such as your first and last name, email address, gender and date of birth, and other additional data. information about you that is voluntary. When a data subject orders goods or services, Kärcher may also ask the data subject for his/her credit/debit card number, expiration date, authentication code or other information. The latter is not stored on the Kärcher website, as the payment is made on the secure server of our partner bank. Thus, Kärcher does not know the data subject’s credit/debit card information. Representative personal data are determined by the type of activity in which the data subject is engaged. If it does not provide the mandatory information for a specific activity, the data subject cannot engage in the specific activity.

  • Protection of personal information

The personal data of the data subject are processed by Kärcher within the period established by the legislation of Georgia, by those Kärcher employees who perform the relevant functions.

Kärcher has the right to perform any actions in relation to personal data for the above purposes, including, but not limited to: collection, systematization, storage, correction (updating, changing), use, distribution (including forwarding), depersonalization, blocking, deletion/destruction, cross-border transfer, as well as the implementation of any other actions with personal data, taking into account the requirements of the current legislation of Georgia.

In addition, the Kärcher website collects information about cookies, navigation, and user behavior on the website, namely:

  • IP address, device type, operating system, and browser from which the Kärcher website is accessed;
  • About the pages opened on the Kärcher website, session duration, and various session settings.
  • Information about activities that have taken place on the Kärcher website: filling out forms, using interactive elements of the website, etc.
  • The process, time and form of filling in the fields on the site

Personal data about the data subject is obtained from the sources provided by the data subject and listed below.

Kärcher collects personal data of the data subject in the following cases:

  • when contacting Kärcher for products or services;
  • When communication is carried out by telephone and/or e-mail;
  • When the data subject uses the Kärcher websites, mobile apps and/or web chat;
  • When the data subject sends letters in both physical and electronic form.
  • The period of storage of the personal data of the subject

The personal data of the Kärcher data subject is stored by the data subject for the entire service period;

  • Also for up to 10 years after the end of service on the following grounds:
  • Respond to questions and complaints;
  • For the purposes of keeping records in accordance with relevant regulations/rules

Kärcher may retain the personal information of the data subject for more than 3 years unless it has the right to delete it for legal or statutory reasons. If the data subject considers that any data concerning him or her is incorrect or incomplete, the data subject may contact Kärcher at any time. In response, Kärcher will take all reasonable steps to investigate and remedy the defect (if any). The data subject has the right to object to the use of personal data or to demand their deletion, deletion, or termination of use if Kärcher does not have legal grounds for storing them.

  • Changes to the Information Protection Policy

Kärcher reserves the right to change this data privacy policy at any time. Any changes made to the data privacy policy will be immediately posted on the Kärcher website and elsewhere, which ensures that the data subject is informed about what information Kärcher will collect, how it will be used and when it will be disclosed (if it is required by law). In addition, the data subject will be notified of any material changes to the data privacy policy by e-mail or by posting an appropriate notice on the home page of the website. The data subject is obliged to periodically review the data privacy policy.

  • Marketing

Kärcher may use the subject’s personal data to promote specific products and offers.

Kärcher has access to the subject’s personal data to the extent that he himself transfers or collects Kärcher in the course of providing services.

Kärcher will study the subject’s personal data in order for the company to understand what the data subject needs, what the data subject is interested in and what services or offers may be suitable for him.

Kärcher only uses personal data and sends marketing communications when it has a legitimate interest.

The data subject has the right to contact Kärcher at any time and stop receiving marketing communications. Kärcher will take this wish into account and stop using the personal data of the data subject for direct marketing purposes within a reasonable time after receiving such notification.

If you have any questions regarding data protection policy, or data processing, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected]