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It is more convenient and faster to use the KB series electric broom than to assemble a vacuum cleaner.

We often encounter a problem: as soon as we finish vacuuming, the crumbs again appear on the floor. The Karcher rechargeable electric broom is ideal for intermediate cleaning – you no longer need to remove the vacuum cleaner from the pantry and assemble it. Thanks to its compact size, the electric broom can be stored absolutely anywhere and it is always ready for garbage collection.


KB 5 Premium *EU


Always ready to use: the KB 5 electroswitch is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which allows you to use it on hard surfaces for up to 30 minutes without stopping.

KB 5 Premium *EU


Ideal for small cleaning: KB 5 electric broom is compact, manoeuvrable – cleaning is now easier throughout the house.

KB 5 Premium *EU


Not before our eyes and at the same time always ready: you can store the KB 5 electric broom in any place where it will be convenient for you.

Extraordinary cleaning results with an incredibly compact design.

Karcher’s adaptive cleaning technology delivers brilliant results to the Karcher wireless electric broom. Thanks to an innovative moving edge, a special brush and optimized internal geometry to effectively fill the waste bin, dirt is collected without residue and dust does not fly around the room.

Endless possibilities

The new electric broom Karcher will cope with any surprises that may arise – remove the animal’s hair or collect crumbs after eating. KB 5 can be used both on hard flooring and carpet.

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KB 5 Premium *EU

An electric broom is the best choice for quick cleaning. He is not able to remove dust, like a vacuum cleaner does, but he copes well with crumbs and other small debris.

Wireless electric brooms have a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Easy to use. These devices are compact, do not need wires, weigh little (weight with battery – from 1.17 kg) 
  • Fast removal of animal hair. The kit (K 55) comes with a brush for collecting animal hair.
  • Thorough cleaning. Karcher electric brooms allow you to process surfaces along walls and baseboards. The gap between the brush and the wall is only 1 mm.
  • Efficiency. Battery life up to 30 min. 
  • Work on carpets with pile up to 10 mm (ordinary broom is effective only on smooth surfaces).
  • Convenient cleaning of the container without contact with debris. All you need to do is disconnect the container from the case.

An electric broom will not replace a vacuum cleaner, but it will be a great addition to it. This is an ideal tool for intermediate cleaning, when there is no desire to get bulky equipment from the pantry. due to its compact size, an electric broom is convenient to clean under furniture with low legs, on stairs, between chairs.